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An image of the UNEMA unofficial mascot - an Etruscan Boar.

The UNE Museum of Antiquities (UNEMA) is Australia’s first regional museum of antiquities. Its collections encompass the Ancient Mediterranean and Near East, and ethnographic material from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and Oriens. The museum’s mission is to support teaching and research, and promote community interest in the history of peoples through the ages. Explore our collections:

Baby Feeder Limestone Portrait of a Man Etruscan Boar Mycenaean Stirrup Jug Cuneiform Cone Roman Bronze Strigil
Cyprus Egypt Italia Greece Near East Rome
Etruscan Boar Inca Whistling Cat Ming Dynasty Jarlet Flint Chisel Aarhus Denmark Etruscan Boar Shiva Nataraja
Africa Americas Asia Europe Oceania The Oriens
Etruscan Boar Homo Floresiensis Skull Cast Engravings in UNEMA Teaching Collection Cypriot Baby Feeder (PHG) Persian Jug (SLS)
Numismatics Diorama Engravings Teaching Colour Scans Surface Scans


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